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Galeniform introduces itself!

The history of Galeniform began in Toulouse around the idea that the impact of a cosmetic product on the environment must be controlled from A to Z. From the production and quality of raw materials to the study of the final impact of the product on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, everything is carefully studied in order to develop more environmentally friendly products.

Based on our respective experiences, we decided to go for it!

We are not alone in this. Our preferred partner, ToxiPlan, a specialist in ecotoxicology, is supporting us with its in silico expertise to assess the final impact of the product on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

But who is 'we'?

On the one hand, there is Charline, a toxicologist and regulatory expert, whose little voice has always whispered to her that she would go into entrepreneurship. Her passion for the protection of the environment is a driving force in her choices, thanks to her expertise she can do it in an enlightened way and this is what she wishes to share.

On the other side is Clémence, a cosmetic formulator who has been specialising in eco-formulation for several years. An outdoor sports enthusiast, she is keen to preserve her playground. With her head full of ideas, she will go to great lengths to create the most effective product with the least impact on the ecosystems.


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