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Corail et poissons verts
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All our formulas are developed to be less toxic to the environment. 

Compliant with specificationseToxiSafe, you can proudly affix the logo to your products.


The ingredients used in the composition of our formulas are of natural origin as much as possible. 

Compliant with specificationsCOSMOS natural, the products can be certified by the label.

Fleurs jaunes

How it works ?

Establish marketing specifications

Development of the non-toxic formula for the environment

Analysis of the regulatory compliance of the formula

Testing the efficacy of the preservative system

Carrying out

safety tests

Notification on the European CPNP portal

Notification on the European CPNP portal

Need a visualfor your label?

We know how to do it!

We provide you with all information for the label

Our white label products

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